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Merry Christmas! 5 lbs 8 oz ^^ She was born on Monday, Dec 20th at 9:34 am

Ok, so not my best photo. You try being in labor for 12 hours.

Couldn't have asked for her to be more perfect :) Of course...she does cry a lot-- but only when she wants something ^^ Hope you guys had a happy holiday

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Merry Christmas and CONGRATS.... I can't see the photos but I'm sure she (and you) are gorgeous...

and what's her name???

I can't see the pictures. :( I'm dying to see them!!

Congratulations! I'm glad you're both healthy and happy. What a great present. :)

Merry Christmas to you two!!!
Congratulations, I'm somehow very happy it's a girl!
Can't see the pics either, but I'm sure she is as pretty as her Mom!

Take care and at least some peaceful nights :)

I don't know why the pictures aren't working...they are for me ><

Nel Victoria is her name :)

Why pics of your bundle of joy aren't showing up

It has to do with the permissions you have set on your yahoo account, and the fact that yahoo doesn't allow direct image hosting. The way around that is to make album, make it public and post the link.

Glad to hear that you're both doing well. Sounds like you got a pretty neat little Christmas present. :)

Re: Why pics of your bundle of joy aren't showing up

Gotcha^^ I'll get right on that.

can't see the pictures, but i'm sure both of you are looking beautiful.

merry christmas.

Love and hugs to you both :o)


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