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Holy shit on a stick.
(Which is hard to do).

I don't think any of my friends on here still exist, but after taking an hour to re-create my e-mail address that this is linked to so that I could retrieve my password from...6 years ago, I'm going to post something.

This is hard to read. It's easy to see now how my parents blamed my ex-husband for the downturn my life took in '03-'04. It's a pretty visible deterioration based on my posts. This feels silly since I'm pretty sure I'm tying to myself; but I'm seriously considering bringing this LJ back to life. How interesting to see a continuation of what my life has become after all it was in my angsty, confusing teenage years. And even now, I'm in VA (and have been since shortly after my last post) Nel was adopted, Josh was divorced.

Right. I suppose if you ever get to doubting your progress in life, look at your old LJ. It's a regular fuckin miracle.

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(I guess the hardest part would be to get hold of some 'holy shit')

Glad to see you back on LJ! You and Erin are some of my earliest LJ memories but I must admit I didn't loose you completely out of sight thanks to FB.

Life is a mixed bag with good and bad things inside and often it's difficult to know which belong to which group and if really anything better would have happend if life would have taken a different turn at some stage.
Somehow I always had the feeling you have been really true to yourself all the way along and just became stronger and wiser within your lovely personality which luckily stayed the same.
Of course I don't really 'know' you except what you show online but usually I can rely on my gut feelings and I just hope you are now happy with the way you go in life because you really deserve it.

Well, you know that I'm not good with words - so please take what I say and then make it poetic! I love you so much, and I'm so proud of the woman that you've become. You're so strong, but at the same time so sweet. I never read your livejournal back then, but I can only imagine what it looked like. I'm so sorry that I wasn't strong enough back then to support you, if I could go back I would. I really look forward to reading you new entries and I hope that they are full of happiness! Love you so much - your womb-mate

Love you sister. :) I like that term-- womb-mate. I might start using it :)

Come back!

I never really stopped LJing. I actually printed out "some" old entries to show my therapist... and those "some" entries ended up taking up 60 PAGES. 10 point font.

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