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41 Days on the countdown clock.
This is an abridged version of the book.

I've been in VA for the last 6 or so years. After leaving FL, I went to a horseshoeing school in GA, and then onto an apprenticeship up here-- in VA. I never left. Started up my business (, and went back to school for a degree in Social Work a year and a half ago. I'm not quite done with my Associate's yet; but I did remember how much I absolutely love learning. Love it.

I obtained my first true doggie soul mate, Mr.Banks:
And he's been my sidekick on a daily basis-- everywhere from the backpacking on the AT to seeing a movie near DC. Together we have lived in 14 different houses, in 2 states, and I don't even know how many counties. I can no longer remember my zip codes for identity verification with companies when they call. We lived with three different men, all of which I thought I might marry-- none of which I did. We have bought/trained/given away/sold 6 different horses since we've been here, and good ol' Beezer is the only one left now-- to make the trip to Oregon. It seems fitting, since he is and always has been my heart. He is coming 17 years old now.

At some point in time, I began referring to the Whitney and Banks union as "we." "We will be there later, or We are on our way, or We are tired." We are attached at the hip. He talks in the voice of Eeyore, but is always doggie smiling. He is big and scary and wolf-like, and not wolf like or scary at all. Some of our friends call him "Zenmaster Banks", and I think we are both fond of this nickname.

So, with that, we have been itching for a new adventure. Don't ask why I picked Portland, it just seemed... right. I hope I will find people out there I know and love and understand. We are making a road trip of it, Banks and I. Taking a Southern route, on account of it being March, and cold cold cold. Cabinets have been built in the Jeep, storage over which a sleeping space is just big enough for 5'7" me. Banks has been sleeping in the Jeep pretty much his whole life, so it is me that has to get used to it.

I think over this time, I have become less of an angry little emo girl who likes to fight, and more of a little hippie girl who likes to smile. Sometimes I get sad, I think it's in my blood; but now, at least, I figure it to be a passing state instead of a constant one, and reap the benefits of poetry when I happen upon it. I still don't really know how to use semi-colons.

More later. :)

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Please let me know when you publish the long version as book so that I can buy a copy!

Haha. It was a joke, just referring to the length that this could have been :) But you never know, it could happen :)

Hehe I knew of course that you didn't have a book planned ;) However I do seriously think that considering your already now amazing life story combined with your wonderful writing talents would make a really interesting book worth writing - and reading.

Where in GA did you go to school?? I remember seeing one near where I grew up (like in the Summerville/Dalton area).

It was Casey and Son-- in Lafayette. :0 But I think they are the only one in GA.

Weird. I just remember seeing a huge sign that said "Farrier School" or something to that effect when going to my grandparents in NW GA. Regardless it's cool to see another person return to LJ. I don't post anymore but read a few people who started posting again after years of nothing and it has been interesting. Reading old entries has been too...

Okay I just looked it up and if it's 18 miles from Calhoun then that's the one I'm thinking of probably. Is it off a two lane road in a bunch of mountains, literally in the middle of nowhere? I remember the farm having white post fencing, I think. Anyway.. Sorry you had to live near Calhoun. That place is a fucking hell hole. I grew up no more than thirty minutes away so it's kind of cool you mentioned this.

Yep, that's it! 18 miles from Calhoun. What a small world :)

I know! My dad has a law firm there and my family used to live there until they went stir crazy in that little redneck hell hole. They moved to Rome before I was born. It's almost painful for me to go back there because it's so... I don't even know what to say. There's nothing but drugs and pregnant teens. It's sad because it's such a nice little town too. I mean it would be a lovely place to live but I prefer bigger cities. Anyway, what'd YOU think of GA?

Oh, I guess I pretty much thought it to be a redneck hell hole. :)

Oh Whitters, you are such a little hippie girl and I just love it! I will, of course, worry about you sleeping in your jeep but envy your adventure awaiting you. xoxo

:) We'll be fine! If you leave an anonymous comment without your name, I have no idea who you are :) But the fact that you called me Whitters narrows it down :)

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