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Throwing darts at a map...
So. It is less than two weeks until banks and I take our epic adventure to the other coast.  We are both nervous, and busy saying goodbyes. But taking some time away from day to day fidgeting-- we plotted our trip on google maps. I looked up dog friendly campsites-- so no staying on the side of the road at a truck stop. I am also now a proud member of AAA. These things make me feel better about life in general.

So. We are going straight through the middle of the country, and then up-- stopping for two days in Lexington/Louisville, KY; three in Kansas(to visit the twin); two days in Cheyenne, WY; and two more days in Salt Lake City, UT. These seem like the most memorable places along the way to actually look around, anyway. If anyone has suggestions of places I shouldn't miss-- I would love to know about them!

Here is the full trip:

If everything goes according to planned, banks and I should roll into Portland on the 21st of March! Hope they're ready.

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How are you getting Beezer there?

He's getting shipped over at the end of the summer :)

You should come through Charleston! It's already warm here, the weather is great, the actual city is awesome, and your dog will love the beaches. It's a really dog friendly place too, by the way. There's even a cafe on Folly Beach called The Lost Dog Cafe and they encourage people to bring their pets with them (and it's really fucking good). Not only this but it's just plain beautiful right now.

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