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You'll learn to love the price you pay

trust me dear you're better off this way
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So it's 6 years later now, and I'm going to use this same LJ to blog about my trip cross country from VA to OR with my dog, Mr. Banks. It's been both sad and inspiring to go back and read blog entries from my teens.

For anyone who doesn't know the story: Angsty teenager turns teenage wife and mother.
I don't really suggest going back and reading about all of that-- but the point is that there has been a lot of progress since then. I'm now divorced, my daughter lives in TX with two wonderful parents (adopted). Mr. Banks and I started a Barefoot Farrier business up here in Northern VA (www.thehappyhoof.com)-- and now we're off to our next adventure in Portland in a month. For school. In Social Work.

And that's where we are. Now. Wonderful.
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